Weekly Cleaning Service and Pool Maintenance

Take the hassle out of owning a pool and leave the work to the professionals.

To the untrained eye, a pool or custom watershape is a simple thing. Dig a big hole, line it with a hard surface, fill it with water, and jump in! How hard can it be?

Pool owners, however, know just how wrong this perspective is. Owning a pool is an exercise in chemistry, pH balances, mineral deposit management, and good old fashioned elbow grease. There is yard debris that constantly needs to be removed from the water, filters that need to be cleaned, and tiles that, if not maintained, can start to resemble science experiments.

This is not why you had a pool created and installed.

Thankfully, the experts at Brandenburg Pool offer a full suite of service and maintenance packages that ensure that you spend your time enjoying your pool while we handle the work, chemistry, and maintenance.

Each week, your pool care and maintenance expert will arrive to make sure that your pool is running in perfect order and is safe for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. Water chemistry and pH will be checked and balanced to keep germs, algae, and phosphates at bay. Filters will be cleaned to ensure pumps are running at maximum efficiency; increasing not only the cleanliness of the pool but also the lifespan of the pumps. And, we’ll clean and skim the water to pull out leaves and other debris as well.

Pools also need annual maintenance and we’ll make sure that yours stays on schedule. Return your pool bottom to a like-new luster with a yearly acid wash. We’ll drain your pool and acid wash the plaster, gunite, PebbleTEC, or any other surface to remove staining and other discolorations that can make a pool seem dark and dirty.

While your pool is drained, let our cleaning experts restore the shine of your pool tiles by taking off the layer of mineral deposits that can dull an otherwise brilliant display of color. And, with Brandenburg Pool, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll take every measure necessary to protect your decking from the discoloration that can occur from the careless use of cleaning chemicals.

Whether it’s weekly cleaning or an annual acid wash to get ready for a new season, we’ll handle the hard work so you can relax. After all, isn’t that why you had a pool installed in the first place?

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